1. Outline

HD-31nv concentrate is clear and transparent liquid, certified by CHINA ENVIRONMENTAL LABELING TYPE II. This product does not contain heavy metals, APEO. It has passed the EU RoHS directive 2011/65 standard certification.


2. Applications and Features

1). HD-31nv is especially suitable for Heidelberg, Man Roland and KBA offset printing machines, completely alcohol-free printing with a big latitude. The water level is stable and no special adjustment of the machine is needed.

2). No corrosion to printing machines, it has unique low foam level and the water tank can stay clean for longer period of time. It can reduce the calcification on the ink roller.

3). With the excellent performance, HD-31nv can ensure the dots and halftone to be clear and full. The stable printing is remained with large ink level and field.

4). Fast start-ups and saving papers, the concentrate is not sticky, so it suitable for automatic extraction system.

5). Safe on all plates, for use on sheet-fed and webs.

Physical Data

3. Recommendations for use:

A normal recommended dosage is 2-5%, 3-4% is recommended for Heidelberg lithography printing machine, 4% is needed when using metallic ink. Blend the concentrate into water, then transfer to the water tank, or set up the water tank with specific blending ratio. Press start when the solution temperature is 10℃.

2.5-3.5% is recommended for Man Roland and KBA lithography.



Packing size