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Magicopp nano crystal orb for aquarium control algae kill broad-spectrum bacteria


Newly developed, patent protected nano crystal orb, which will greatly help you build up a healthier, nicer aquarium tank.


>Control algae growth, keep water clear and healthy;  physical touch disinfection, it will not affect the nitrification system;

>Kill broad-spectrum bacteria, promote aquarium health;

>Adsorb/degrade harmful chemicals;

>No water exchange for a long period of time;

>Nontoxicity, it will not release toxic substances during a long-term usage.

>Balance water body pH



Kill broad-spectrum bacteria, promote aquarium health

Magicopp nano crystal Orb contain the proprietary Nano-Copper-Carbon-Composite material. They have broad-spectrum antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral capacities, that have been tested by authoritative third-party agencies. Magicopp nano crystal Orb can kill more than 99% typical pathogenic bacteria commonly seen in the aquarium. It can keep the eco-balance of your aquarium and control the harmful bacteria and virus in the water below the safe level, which will effectively avoid the occurrence and spread of aquarium diseases.

Control algae growth, keep water clear and healthy

Magicopp nano crystal Orb has excellent algae control ability, which has been demonstrated in laboratory experiments and field applications. It can effectively inhibit the photosynthesis of algae chlorophyll and significantly reduce the metabolic rate of algae. It also inhibits the algae cell division process to control algae growth rate. Magicopp nano crystal Orb will help to keep the ecological balance of the aquarium, increase dissolved oxygen level, adjust the pH value among 7-8, ensure the clarity of water body, promote the health of fish, shrimp, etc. and greatly improve appearance of your aquarium.

Adsorb/degrade harmful chemicals

Magicopp nano material has surface area of 120m2/g and contains a large amount of 3-5 nanometers pores. It can adsorb large amount of harmful chemical substances in the water body. At the same time, the experimental results show that the material can be effectively photocatalyzed by visible-light to decompose COD substance in the water. Combining the absorption and photocatalytic capabilities, Magicopp nano crystal orb will purify the water body, improve health and growth of your aquarium creatures.

No water exchange for a long time period

Magicopp nano material combines anti-bacteria, anti-viruses, algae control, adsorption, photocatalysis, pH balance abilities, which can help build up the aquarium self-cleaning capacity. With the help of Magicopp nano crystal orb, you can significantly reduce the water exchange frequency  and still have an ecological balanced aquarium.

Balance water body pH

the pH value of the water body can be maintained at about 7 for a long time, suitable for most ornamental fish culture.



Magicopp nano material has passed the FDA food container material safety standard test and proved no toxicity to shrimp and zebrafish in the culture experiments.

Physical Data


1. one orb per 100 litter water;   use another old tank with water to activate the orb or rinse it with flowing water for at least 1 minute before using;
2.  let water flow through the orb;
3. put it inside the tank or in the filter system; guaranteeing a constant water-flow through the orb is a must;  

4. Replace a new orb every 3 months;